If you are a Blogger , then this post i specially for you. Apart from adsense and Affiliate Marketing or some other sources like YouTube you earn a lot but.. do you know you can earn money too by writing sponsored posts?

The answer to the question is Yess.

You can do this with the help of Flyout. Now let’s know more about Flyout

What is ? is a simple and easy way to earn money by putting up the sponosored content on your Blog. You just need to put up the article from Flyout Dashboard and put it up on your Blog. You only decide that how much money you will take for putting up that content on your Blog and atleast you can earn upto 10$ per post.This platform is new and I can proudly say if you will Sign up today, You can get many orders instantly. You can also earn a great commission of 15$ per approved website that you will refer.

What is Flyout Selection Criteria ?

Like Google Adsense, here are some criteria that should be followed by your blog. Please read carefully otherwise your application will not accepted :

  • Your blog should be at least 6 months old and have at least 5000 organic traffic per month. The higher pageviews you achieve, the more orders you will get.
  • Your blog should have 100+ high-quality articles and SEO optimized. The blog and articles will be manually reviewed to check if they meet the high-quality standard.
  • All contact information should be available on your blog such as Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us, etc.

Restricted Niche for Flyout:

  • All types of micro niche blogs and downloadable content like Apk, Games, Movies, etc.
  • Deals & Coupons websites, Exam results websites, Gambling/Casino websites.
  • Adult & Quotes/Status/Shayari/Lyrics websites.
  • Event blogs, Guns, Portfolio, Dating, Agency, Gambling, Casino, Celeb Wiki, etc.
Now we knew what is flyout and it’s eligibility criteria. Now we will know how to signup and apply for flyoutYou need to follow some simple steps for this.

1. Go to or click the button below , it will redirect you to flyout official site.
Flyout Signup

2. Now you will see 3 options there Check Elegibility , Verify Ownership and Blog Details


First enter your website url there and click on check eligibility. 

Verify your Domain

Now you have 3 options to verify your domain name 

  • Verify via Putting HTML code on your Website.
  • Verify via Uploading HTML file on Hosting.
  • Or Verify with DNS Records.
You can choose between them as per your suitability and verify them easily..

Blog Details

Enter your Blog niche , choose them wisely , if you are working with adsense don’t choose Gambling or Casino. Then enter your contact number and now enter the amount you will take per post to publish on your Blog.
If you have a good traffic you can earn upto 15-20$ per post or else if you don’t have that much traffic choose between 2-4$ .


Go to dashboard and click on Payments . Now click on manage prefrences and fill your payment details.

When you get paid ?

They send payments to all eligible publishers from 8th to 14th of every month. If you are a publisher at Google Adsense so you know that they release payments on the 21st of every month.

Final words on :-

Firstly , we have only some sources of earning money from blog – Adsense and Affiliate Marketing but now flyhost has come and here you wilk get articles and money too. There is no alternative to Flyout . So don’t waste your time here and signup on flyout now..

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