What is Clickyfly ??

Clickyfly is a url shortner that pays you a fixed CPM of 5$ per 1000 views. It doesnt contains any pop-up ads or erotic adult ads. It also doesnt contain any captcha . It is a legit #1 Url Shortner with Monthly Payment Sysytem and it provides a flat 5$ CPM for all countries.

How people earn from Clickyfly ?

The people who make money in Clickyfly are the publishers. Clickyfly also have a referral program to help their members make more money . You can also invite new users. For each invited user you will receive 10% of their earnings. Go to the “referrals” tab, share your referral link with one click – on forums, Twitter, G+, Facebook, WhatsApp more… and earn a total of 10% earnings of your referrer.

What are the payment methods and minimum payout ??

Upon reaching a thresold of 5$ , you can withdraw your earnings from Clickyfly from following methods:-

PayPal $5.0000
PayTm $5.0000
UPI $5.0000
Bitcoin $5.0000
Web Money $5.0000
Bank Transfer[India] $10.0000

Why Choose Clickyfly ??

No Click Manipulation

Clickyfly never Stop/Maipulate/Spoof our partner’s clicks count like what others do.

Easy Shortlink Pages

Clickyfly provide easy shortlink pages so that your visitos can easily visit download/destination link.


Clickyfly never scam their partners like others. They have a Professional team that can easily solve any problems easily.

No Pop Ads and captcha

Clickyfly doesnt contain any pop ads or captcha as other shortners contain so your visitors doesnt get irritated and doesnt leaves your page.

24/7 Support

Clickyfly Team provides you with a 24/7 Support Team that are ready to help you anytime and anywhere.

How to get account from Clickyfly ?

Currently registrations are closed on clickyfly but still they provide account to some who have a good traffic. If you need a clickyfly account , minimum requirements are :-

YouTube: Minimum 300 subscribers
 Telegram: Group or channel with minimum 800 members
 Website: Minimum 500 daily visitors
If you have any of the following you can contact the clickyfly team on Telegram , WhatsApp , Mail or Skype and get the account.

For more details about this visit

Clickyfly Payment Proofs 

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