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If you are a Blogger or a YouTuber you may be very worried about creating logos , intros , outros and designing graphics for your channel or Blog . So today I have come up with a solution for your problem.

Well , I am also a YouTuber and a Blogger and I alwayswaste a lot of my time finding the right site to create stuffs for me . I have tried many sites to design graphics but all of them require premium membership to choose the best designs. But I have found a site that doesnt require any payment to choose your faviourite designs and work on it.

Yes I think many of you guessed it correctly. I am talking about renderforest. First of all I will like to clear that its not a paid review or sponsorship. Its my own review what I have experienced on renderforest.

What is RenderForest ?

RenderForest is a video production platform allowing everyone whether an individual or a business to create free logos , intros , outros , professional slideshows and much more at no cost.They offers you the best online branding tools to create high-quality videos, logos, mockups and websites with minimal time and effort.

Lets take a brief look at the amazing and unbelievable awesome features of RenderForest :-

RenderForest offers some pro features which no oyher video editing software provides and we will take a look at them.

Premium Templates

RenderForest provides some premium template which you can choose for your project without paying a penny for them.You dont even need to add your card to get them . You can start using them on a single click.

You can choose between thousand plus template to get started for your project . They provide some cool templates to create animated logo , intros , outros and for your personal use too.

You can create video for intro , outro , slideshow , presentations , and music visualisations . They provide various templates for all these things and the best thing is that they keep updating their beautiful templates and add 100s of templates per week.. . You can also use their templates for your business if you cant afford support executives for your business , you can create a animated video and can display that video to your users so they will understand everything quite well by those animated templates.

User Friendly

RenderForest provides a user-friendlu interface for you to work with them. They have a really unique and beautifil design which user likes too much .

There pages are mobile friendly so you can start designing your projects on any app without wasting mbs installing apps . You can use RenderForest on any of your devices without facing any problem and that makes them different from every one .

Re-Editing Facility

You may have maken any mistake when doing your project and you saved it and now dont have time to do it again . So for that RenderForest gives you a re-editing solution. You can re-edit any mistake you maken during your project and thats the best thing I liked about them.

High-Tech Videos

RenderForest lets you create a realistic 3D videos which you cant believe. There templates look like real one and your user will surely love your 3d presentations if you will create through RenderForest.

Ease Of Use

Its really very easy to start using RenderForest without any problems. You can quickly do Google signin or else can start using by just entering your name and email. Its just 3 steps to create your 1st project on RenderForest

Choose a Template

Simply choose any template of your choice and need and atart working on it.

Edit the needables

Just edit the text , images and music of your choice. Each and every part is customizable with a single click. You can customize as per your needs.


Just export your project , it will take less than a minute to save your project to share with your users ,clients , friends or families.

Plans and Prices

RenderForest comes with different plans. By default its free for lifetime but when you export any of your project it comes witha watermark of RenderForest by default and to remove it you need to purchase their subscription plans.

You can purchase monthly , anually or even prr project means you can pay for each project you want without watermark and thats the best of their features.

To know more about their plans and pricing click here

Final Words

At last i would like to say that you must give RenderForest a try if you are a individual or a company as its free to use for lifetime and if you have a company then I suggest you to must purchase

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